Water Quality Monitoring

For the last 19 years, the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance has monitored water quality throughout the Petitcodiac & Memramcook River watersheds. Click on the links below to learn more about our watersheds and the general health of many of our streams each year.
Download the 2016 Water Quality Report
Download the 2015 Water Quality Report
Download the 2014 Water Quality Report

Culvert Assessment Program

This marks the third year of our Broken Brooks project: a three year effort to assess culverts for fish passage in the Petitcodiac River watershed. A broken or insufficiently designed culvert can act as a barrier to several kilometres of upstream fish habitat, reducing reproductive success. Click the links below to find out more about the fish passage and average amounts of non-passable culverts within our watershed.
Download the 2014-2016 Broken Brooks Report
Download the 2015 Broken Brooks Report
Download the 2014 Broken Brooks Report

Wood Turtle Monitoring Project

In 2016, we undertook the the third year of the first-ever formal study of Wood Turtles in the Petitcodiac River watershed. This species is in decline due strictly to human activity and development, and before this study, its population status within our watershed was unknown. Click the links below to find out more about the adorable little creature living around us.
Download the 2016 Wood Turtle Monitoring & Stewardship Report
Download the 2015 Wood Turtle Monitoring & Stewardship Report
Download the 2014 Wood Turtle Monitoring & Stewardship Report

Fish Population Monitoring

Efforts have been made to monitor fish populations returning to the Petitcodiac River since 2010 led by Fort Folly Habitat Recovery Program and supported by various other stakeholder groups in the Petitcodiac Fish Recovery Coalition (including the PWA). To receive reports, please email Trap Supervisor Edmund Redfield at

Pollett River Assessment

The Pollett River is a river that is located between the village of Elgin and Salisbury. This watercourse has a watershed area of 314 km2. Almost 50% of the area in this watershed is made up of woodlots. A large percentage of forest is still intact, and this watershed has a number of unique features.
Download the Pollett River Habitat Assessment

Little River Habitat Assessment

Little River, formerly known as Coverdale River, is located south of the Village of Salisbury. The Little River is a sub-watershed unit comprised of Little River, Pow Brook, Leaman Brook, Prosser Brook, Upham Brook, and East Branch Little River, having a drainage area of 276 km2.
Download the Little River Habitat Assessment

Jonathan Creek Environmental Monitoring

The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance (PWA) in partnership with the City of Moncton and the Jonathan Creek Committee, are currently working to restore the Ryan Rd branch of Jonathan Creek. Restoration efforts will include the repair and re-sloping of severely eroding banks, and restoration of the buffer zone along a 750m section of the branch.
Download the Environmental Monitoring Report

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