#SHELLFIE: A Wood Turtle Awareness Campaign

People love turtles, but often have little knowledge about their needs as a species in today’s world.

The #SHELLFIE campaign is a fun way to engage watershed citizens to learn about a local species-at-risk. It creates an opportunity to educate the public about what to do, and what not to do if they should encounter a real wood turtle.

clay turtle portrait

If you encounter a clay wood turtle:

you will find a piece of paper with instructions. After reading it, take a #SHELLFIE, and upload it to our Facebook page and tweet the picture with the #SHELLFIE

If you find a REAL Wood Turtle: leave it alone!

The only exception to this rule is if the turtle is crossing a street; please kindly help it cross in the direction it is moving. Many well-intentioned people move wood turtles away from their homes thinking that they are lost, but turtles are never lost. If you move it to another area, the turtle will spend its life trying to get back to its home (often a very dangerous journey).

For more information on this campaign, or our Wood Turtle Monitoring and Stewardship Project, check out our videos on our Youtube channel:

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