Waste Warriors

 “We propose to monitor microplastics in the watershed for the first time, reach ambitious community clean up goals, promote local tap water to reduce plastic water bottle waste, and work with an internationally renowned artist and regional arts festival to create a sculpture out of garbage, illustrating its impact on the environment. The project will be a national game-changer for urban freshwater by integrating innovation, experience, collaboration, and action!”

— Christine McLauchlan, Executive Director

With the concern of marine debris, microplastics and their impact to aquatic ecosystems on the rise, we set out to do something about these issues in our local community! We are currently conducting microsplastics sampling as part of Adventure Science’s Global Microplastics Initiative, the world’s largest microplastics study & dataset. We are also marrying science with art with our friends at the Festival Inspire, to create a sculpture demonstrating our everyday waste culture. Finally, we are hosting many community cleanups this summer & fall to prevent waste from entering our waterways and preventing harm to habitat.

Microplastics Sampling

We sent 12 water samples from our rivers to our friends at Adventure Scientists Global Microplastics Initiative to add to the world’s largest aquatic microplastics study! They will check our samples out under a microscope to help us determine the levels of microplastics that exist in the aquatic environments of our watershed.



Using Community Cleanups as a Tool for Education

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We intend to engage and educate our community on this issue by partnering with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup & the Hunstman Marine Science Centre’s Marine Debris Working Group to collect data on the types of debris and waste we find on our rivers. We will also be participating in the Nature Trust of NB‘s Great Fundy Coastal Cleanup, where we will be hosting a cleanup on the Petitcodiac River.

We have also recently been gaining traction on the issue of polluting in aquatic and riparian environments through our Annual Pollett River Stewardship Project, in which we host a post-event cleanup and remove abandoned rafts. This year we were able to secure portapotties from our friends at Carter’s Septic, and a large dumpster from FERO Waste & Recycling Inc.

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Identifying Illegal Dumping & Littering Sites

Stony Creek dump2 (2)  Anagance River trash (2)

One of our previous activities was to determine where in our watershed the largest waste dumping sites were. With some careful consideration, we decided to host cleanups this year at the following locations:
Stony Creek @ trail in The Village of Memramcook
North River @ Pacific Junction Road in Berry Mills
Turtle Creek @ Coverdale Rd. (Across from FasGas Station)
Pollett River @ Sanitorium Rd. (Pollett River Run Cleanup site)
Jonathan Creek @ Horsman Rd.
Halls Creek @ Wheeler Blvd.
Michael’s Brook @ Midway Drive in Moncton
Rabbit Brook @ Plaza Blvd & Mapleton Rd (Behind Best Buy to Skipper Jacks) in the City of Moncton
Anagance River @ Mill Rd. bridge in The Village of Petitcodiac
Seaman’s Brook @ Elmwood Drive & Lynwood Dr. in The City of Moncton
Petitcodiac River @ Riverfront Park in the Town of Riverview
Petitcodiac River @ Riverfront Trail near Gunningsville Bridge in The City of Moncton (Great Fundy Cleanup site)

If you would like to volunteer your organization or group to help us with a stream cleanup in your community, contact volunteer@petitcodiacwatershed.org.


Marrying Science & Art

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We are working with Festival Inspire again this year, hiring an internationally renowned artist to create a Community Art Project with waste collected from our clean-ups.


A special thanks to the RBC Bluewater Project for funding this initiative.


Partnerships and Supporters