Jonathan Creek Restoration

The PWA is currently working the the City of Moncton and the Jonathan Creek Committee to restore a branch of Jonathan Creek that is rapidly eroding due to land use activities. These activities have destroyed the riparian zone and are destroying the streams long established hydrological function. The primary problem is the amount of surface water run-off that is flowing directly into this section of Jonathan Creek from adjacent commercial and residential development sites currently under construction. This project is currently in the base monitoring phase with data loggers, habitat assessments and CABIN assessments taking place. Once the baseline data on the river is complete, work required to restore the riparian zone and stream banks will include:

  • Pulling back and reshaping eroding banks so that the stream has access to the natural flood plain without further erosion
  • Lining of the re-shaped bank using geotextile fabric and riprap to prevent further erosion and sediment deposition.
  • Planting of Alders and Willows to provide stream cover and prevent erosion of the stream banks during flood events.
  • Tree planting throughout the riparian zone to restore the 30 meter required buffer zone.

In addition to the restoration work, the PWA is looking to work with the City of Moncton and the Fundy Biosphere Reserve (FBR) to educate developers, homeowners, and youth about Low Impact Development (LID) options that will protect our streams from increasing commercial and residential development.

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