Kids Helping Local Birds

12 June 2017

Moncton, N.B. – On Saturday, June 10th, kids helped local birds by making their future homes more beautiful and inviting. The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance (PWA) is working in partnership with the City of Moncton to bring more biodiversity to local playgrounds. Not all kids have regular access to “wild” spaces, thus the project is an effort to bring the wildlife to them. The “Wild Encounters” project is in its second year and has been a tremendous success in terms of rich educational opportunities, child engagement, and connection with community members.

A total of 31 bird houses and 15 (friendly) solitary bee houses will be installed around Moncton parks this summer. The PWA works hard to engage young people in environmental efforts to ensure that the next generation is invested in continued stewardship. The habitats were built by former PWA staff Matthew Vickruck, and decorated by over 90 local children during the Greater Moncton YMCA’s Healthy Kids Event.

Be on the lookout for the bird houses by the end of the summer! Here is a representative cross section of the talent shared with the PWA on Saturday:

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