Media Attention

We appreciate the media attention that our great work garners! We’ve also developed some fantastic relationships with media partners to bring our science to your screens. Below are links to television, radio and newspaper features:

Media Coverage in 2017

Fire chief calls for calm among N.B. drivers as Petitcodiac causeway construction gets underway

Link to full Global News article: Fire Chief calls for calm among N.B. drivers as Petitcodiac causeway construction gets underway

Keywords: Causeway, N.B. drivers, Petitcodiac

Description: A New Brunswick fire chief is calling for calm among motorists who will soon face traffic headaches caused by the construction of a new bridge that will replace the Petitcodiac causeway which our executive director explains, will benefit the cities and the health and the river.


Mud bogging on Pollett River in New Brunswick raising concerns

Link to full Global News article: Mud bogging on Pollett River in New Brunswick raising concerns

Keywords: Mud Bogging, Pollett River, New Brunswick

Description: Our Executive Director and other environmental groups explain why they are worried about how the yearly event of mud bogging that takes place during the Pollett River run is affecting the health of the river.


Large garbage cleanup underway following popular Pollett River Run event

Link to full Atlantic CTV article: Large garbage cleanup underway following Pollett River Run event
Keywords: Garbage, Cleanup, Pollett River Run
Description: The PWA takes part in helping clean up areas that were littered during the annual Pollett River Run


Media Coverage in 2016

Looking to archive the life around the river

Go to the 91.9 The Bend interview HERE.

Description: The PWA is engaging local seniors to help share the Petitcodiac River’s story of abundance, loss, and now recovery. Books will be produced with historical photos and stories, and all proceeds will fund the PWA’s conservation work in the watershed.


Return of salt marsh edibles along the Petitcodiac River

Go to CBC interview HERE.

Description: The Petitcodiac River is on the road to recovery since the opening of the causeway gates, and the establishment of salt marsh along the banks have brought back edible plants. Goose tongue and samphire greens are historically important wild forage that our ancestors used for sustenance. They were considered extirpated from the area, but locals are pleased to see it return. Listen to PWA Project Leader Andrew Downey explain the significance to the ecology and community of the Petitcodiac River.




Commission unveils proposal for Petitcodiac causeway replacement

Link to full Global News story: Commisson unveils proposals for Petitcodiac causeway replacement

Keywords: Causeway, bridge, replacement, Petitcodiac.

Description: Rennaissance Petitcodiac spokesperson Daniel LeBlanc discusses bridge concepts and collaboration, and PWA Executive Director Christine McLauchlan expresses her organization’s wishes for aesthetics and interpretation to be included in the final design.


Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance is analyzing the health of local rivers after a thermo-blitz!

Link to full 91.9 The Bend article: Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance monitors water temperature for fish

Keywords: Water quality, temperature, water, fish, habitat.

Description: PWA Executive Director explains why cool waters are important for fish, and how thermal mapping of the watershed can help with conservation of fish.


PWA is awarded $39,500 from the NB Environmental Trust Fund for water quality and community engagement

Link to full 91.9 The Bend article: Moncton Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance gets $39,500 for two environmental projects

Keywords: Funding, NB, ETF, announcement, water, stewardship.

Description: PWA Executive Director explains why the Environmental Trust Fund is an important source of funding for the group, and others in the province.


Harnessing the popular Pokemon Go game to educate citizens about local wildlife conservation

Link to full Global News article: Moncton environmental group turning Pokemon Go into awareness campaign

Keywords: Species-at-risk, barn swallow, Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon, Wood Turtle, Pokemon Go, cards, outreach, awareness.

Description: PWA staff Lauren Farley, Andrew Downey, and Holly MacDonald discuss how Pokemon Go can be used as a launching point for important conversations surrounding local species-at-risk.

Tap Water Is My Water Campaign Sitcker & Decal

Link to full article at 91.9 The Bend: “Tap Water Is My Water” Campaign Underway In Greater Moncton

Keywords: Drinking water, Access to drinking water, City of Moncton, Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance, Refill-Friendly Moncton, refillable water bottles, drinking fountains, Christine McLauchlan

Description: Our Executive Director explains our new campaign with the City of Moncton looking to promote access to drinking water within our community.


TransAqua awaiting funding to upgrade to secondary wastewater treatment

Link to full Global News article: Waste water facility upgrade could cost Greater Moncton residents

Keywords: Wastewater treatment; Endangered species; Primary treatment, Atlantic Salmon, Dissolved Oxygen; TransAqua, Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance; Christine McLauchlan

Description: Our Executive Director comments on the impacts of aging wastewater infrastructure to aquatic organisms in the Petitcodiac River, in this newscast explaining the upgrades needed to the wastewater treatment facility, hinging on funding from the federal and provincial governments.


Pollett River Run clean-up

Link to full Global News article: More than 5,000 pounds of trash litters banks following Pollet River Run

Keywords: Litter, Erosion, Sedimentation, Fort Folly Habitat Recovery, Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance, Pollet River, Pollet River Run, Trash, Garbage

Description: Environmental groups will spend all week cleaning up garbage strewn along riverbanks following the annual Pollet River Run. As Shelley Steeves reports, locals living in the area say it’s time party goers took responsibility for their actions.



Media Coverage in 2015

The North American Wood Turtle: A Species at Risk

Link to full CBC article: Wood Turtles: A Local Species-at-Risk

Keywords: Wood Turtle Monitoring & Stewardship Project; The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance; Wood Turtle; Species at Risk; Threatened Species; Wildlife Research; Habitat; Courtney Smith

Description: A Moncton group concerned about the declining numbers of wood turtles in the Petitcodiac watershed says time is of the essence


Annual Activities at the Pollett River Run

Link to full CTV article: CTV Atlantic: RCMP caution river run safety

Key words: Pollett River Run Clean-up; Pollett River; Annual Pollett River Run; Safety; Erosion; Sedimentation


Mayor Jerry Gogan Talks about Restoration Project on the Petitcodiac River

Link to full CBC article: River Restoration in the Village of Petitcodiac

Keywords: Petitcodiac River Restoration Project; Village of Petitcodiac; Petitcodiac River; Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance; Erosion; Siltation; Department of Transportation; Route 106; Matrix Solutions Inc.; Geomorphology; Hydrology; Climate Change; River Dynamism; Fish Habitat; Jerry Gogan

Description: The village of Petitcodiac has been looking for answers to an erosion problem — and now it seems, federal dollars could be on the way to help fund a stabilization project. It will target a section of river near Route 106 where several properties have been losing ground.


Petitcodiac erosion forces action from village, watershed group

Link to full article: Petitcodiac erosion forces action from village, watershed group
Keywords: Petitcodiac River, Village of Petitcodiac, erosion, fish habitat
Description: The Village of Petitcodiac and the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance will be working over the summer to stop future erosion being caused by the river.

Broken Brooks: Assessing Culverts for Fish Passage within our Watershed

Link to full CBC article: Broken Brooks: Importance of Properly Installed Culverts

Keywords: Broken Brooks Project; Culvert Assessments; Culverts; Fish Passage; Pollett River; Little River; Road Washout; Flooding; Theresa Johnston; Julie Hatcher

Description: 60 per cent of culverts studied are barriers to fish seeking upstream habitat.


The PWA Creates Rain Gardens as part of the RBC Bluewater Project

Link to RBC video: RBC Blue Water Makeover 2015- Moncton

Keywords: The Water Guardian Project; Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance; RBC Bluewater Project; RBC Canada; Stormwater Management; Petitcodiac River; Rain Gardens; RBC Bluewater Makeover Day; Moncton, NB; Mapleton Lodge.

Description: RBC employees around the world volunteered over 37,000 hours to help protect fresh water in their communities through Blue Water Makeovers. Employees in Moncton planted a rain garden to help protect the Petitcodiac River.


The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance Broadcasts Their Work Online

Link to full article: Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance broadcasts work online

Keywords: YouTube; TubeTuesdays; Environmental Awareness; Outreach; Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance; Wood Turtle; Watershed; Community; Videography; Intellectual Accessibilty; Physical Accessibility; Andrew Downey.

Description: The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance is producing weekly videos based on local environmental topics, as Global’s Brion Robinson reports; their work is reaching a broad audience.




Media Coverage in 2014

Using Rain Barrels to Prevent Harmful Stomrwater Runoff from Entering Streams

Link to full Global News article: Preventing harmful rain runoff from entering streams

Keywords: The Water Guardian Project; Stormwater Management; Rain Barrels; Riverview, NB; Environmental Awareness; Outreach; Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance; Watershed; Community; Christine Gilroy

Description: An environmental awareness group in Greater Moncton is encouraging residents to stop harmful rain runoff from entering streams and other areas. Global’s Brion Robinson looks at how they plan to do it.


Aging Infrastructure Resulting in Raw Sewage Entering the Petitcodiac River System

Link to full Global News article: New Brunswickers still reeling from tremendous storm

Keywords: Wastewater Treatment; TransAqua; Sanitary Sewer Overflow Measures; Combined Sewer Overflow Measures; Christine Gilroy; Rabbit Brook; Petitcodiac River

Description: A video filmed by a local environmental group illustrates some of the impact on the Petitcodiac River. It shows raw sewage and storm water runoff pouring into the Petitcodiac waterways. The sewage system just couldn’t handle the overflow. As Alex Abdelwahab reports, it’s not a mistake.


Petitcodiac group draws attention to sewage going into River

Link to full article:Petitcodiac group draws attention to sewage going into river

Keywords: Petitcodiac River, stormwater; sewage; aging infrastructure

Description: After a video of raw sewage entering the Petitcodiac goes viral, our Executive Director explains what happened and what can be done about it.

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