The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance would be nothing without its community and professional network. We place a lot of emphasis on partnership building because through collaboration, we can amplify project impact. We love what we do because every day we’re able to take actions to protect, conserve, and maintain ecological services that the local environment provides to us. This environment includes people, and therefore is a large part of the equation when we’re talking about watershed management.

The PWA strives to contribute to a community surrounding water and wildlife issues at local, regional, and national scales. We will participate in workshops and conferences to develop an extensive professional network upon which to share resources and information. We will work with schools at all levels to give students hands-on experiences (e.g. Project Webfoot, Envirothon). We will work with local municipalities to provide support for related projects (e.g. stormwater management, erosion). We will contribute to social media (considered the new public square) to share news and opportunities offered by our network.

Partnerships and Supporters