Staff Members

Executive Director


Christine McLauchlan

Christine McLauchlan is a graduate from the University of Prince Edward Island (Class of 2011) with a focus in Watershed Management and Biology. Christine’s passion lies in water, wildlife, and people, with research experience in locations ranging from wetlands to islands in Maritime Canada. Her responsibilities include grant writing, day-to-day administration, accounting, report editing, scientific design, program development, supervision of our amazing staff, organizational networking, and community outreach planning. Christine is using her position as a platform to get residents of the Petitcodiac River watershed excited about the unique mosaic of ecosystems found in their backyards. She accomplishes this by increasing transparency of the PWA’s work through social media, newsletters, and presentations. Christine can be reached at


Project Manager


Jenna MacQuarrie

Jenna holds a Bachelor of Science in Environment & Natural Resources from the University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management (Class of 2014). Her work history includes watershed management projects for municipal and non-profit organizations, and has been working with the PWA since 2015. Jenna’s responsibilities include management & timely delivery of our various projects with our Project Leaders, coordination of our water-related research and restoration projects, managing the day-to-day activities of our microbiology lab, and running the PWA’s Health & Safety Program. Other responsibilities include grant writing, increasing intellectual accessibility of our projects to the general public, identification of professional development opportunities for PWA staff, supervision of staff/volunteers, organizational partnership building, and report writing. Jenna can be reached at


Project Leader: Broken Brooks & Atlantic Canadian Culvert Assessment Toolkit


Theresa Johnston

Theresa is a graduate from the NBCC Miramichi Environmental Technology program (Class of 2012). Theresa has been with the PWA since 2014 leading our  Broken Brooks Project: assessing the functionality of culverts within our watershed for fish passage. She is also spearheading the Atlantic Canadian Culvert Assessment Toolkit (ACCAT), the first ever collaboration with various groups in the Atlantic Provinces and Northeastern United States to create a standardized protocols for the assessments of culverts for fish passage. Her responsibilities at the PWA include field work, supervision of summer staff, extensive use of GIS, culvert mapping, remediation planning for blocked culverts, landowner outreach, project management, data analysis, and report writing. Theresa has been working with landowners to ensure that river crossings are installed properly to allow for fish passage and natural river processes. Theresa is currently working on mobilizing her science using Youtube and GoPro technology. Theresa can be reached at


Project Intern: Waste Warriors Project, Education & Outreach


Mariah Robichaud

Mariah is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick with an honours in Biology-Chemistry. Mariah shows a keen interest in water quality management having background in fish embryo development and has been with PWA since 2016. She is leading the Waste Warrior project, which tackles the growing issue of harmful micro-plastics infiltrating the watershed’s aquatic ecosystems and creating detrimental effects on species-at-risk. Her responsibilities include monitoring and assessing the amount of micro-plastics in the watershed, coordinating clean ups, stimulating community engagement to educate the public on the harmful effects of micro-plastics and illegal dumping, expanding PWA’s volunteer program, supervision of summer staff, data analysis and report writing. Mariah is currently increasing awareness of micro-plastics through social media.
Mariah can be reached at


Senior Project Assistant: Broken Brooks


Abbie Jones

Abbie Gail Jones is a graduate from Mathieu Martin High School (Class of 2015). She is currently studying to complete a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Science from Mount Allison University (Class of 2019). She spends most of her free time outdoors hiking and boating in areas surrounding Greater Moncton. Aspiring to be a research ecologist, her interests mainly revolve around marine, aquatic, and woodland ecosystems. For the season, Abbie Gail is assisting her fellow team members with the Broken Brooks Project, where fish passage within the watershed is assessed and then remediated if obstructed, while also contributing to other projects when needed.
You can reach Abbie at


Senior Project Assistant: Broken Brooks


Lauren Farley

Lauren Farley started her first year at Dalhousie university this past fall studying marine biology and sustainability. This will be Lauren’s second year working with the PWA, last year she worked alongside Jenna on the PWA’s Water Quality Monitoring Program. This summer Lauren is excited to be get outside more while working alongside the team on the Broken Brooks project. Lauren has always been passionate for the health of the environment, especially the ocean and waterways, both locally and on a worldwide scale. By being a part of the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance this summer she hopes to gain knowledge and experience that will further her research skills and help her with future career.
You can reach Lauren at


Senior Project Assistant: Water Quality Monitoring & Swim Guide


Emily Piggott

Emily is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at Carleton University to coincide with her passions for environmental remediation, sustainability, and community education. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry from StFX (Class of 2016) and enjoys travelling, hiking, and cycling in her spare time. Emily is excited to be working on the Water Quality Monitoring Project as it combines her appreciation of the outdoors with her love of scientific research and environmental chemistry.
You can reach Emily at

Senior Project Assistant: Waste Warriors


Bryan Gallant

Bryan is currently enrolled in his first year of the Environmental Technology program at NBCC Miramichi. He chose this program because he is passionate for the outdoors. In the past, Bryan has competed in the NB Envirothon competition for his high school in grades 11 and 12, and also represented New Brunswick’s lacrosse team at the Maritime Cup and at Nationals. To pass time, Bryan enjoys the outdoors, going on hikes, fishing, snowboarding, and biking, and other sports such as hockey and soccer.
You can reach Bryan at


Senior Project Assistant: Broken Brooks

Ryan Furlotte Bio photo

Ryan Furlotte

Ryan Furlotte graduated from Bernice MacNaughton High School in 2016. He is currently studying Civil Engineering Technology at NBCC Moncton. Ryan is excited to be joining PWA again this summer and to be working on the Broken Brooks project. Ryan has always had a strong passion for the environment, especially our rivers and lakes. He knows the importance of the proper installation and design of culverts. This not only protects our roadways but fish passage within the watershed. He is looking forward to remediating blocked culverts. Some of Ryan’s interests are fishing, canoeing and hiking.
You can reach Ryan at


Senior Project Assistant: Waste Warriors

PWA bio (003)

Sarah Dale

Sarah Dale is currently a student at The University of New Brunswick’s faculty of Renaissance College working to complete a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies with a minor in Ecology. Her interests revolve around the environments and this summer will be working alongside her team members on the Waste Warrior project. Sarah spends most of her spare time outside, going on hikes and biking. You can reach Sarah at


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