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Derek Ermen

Derek is a third-generation mechanical contractor with a keen understanding of what has been put in the river over the years. He grew up blocks from the Petitodiac River and can recall watching people fishing steps from Main St.  He holds a Bachelor Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick. Believing that giving back to the community is the responsibility of all, he has and is active with numerous committees with the United Way. In a Professional setting, he is the Chair of the Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) and a Director of the Construction Association of New Brunswick (CANB). In government, he sits on the Plumbing Safety Advisory Committee and on the Program Advisory Committee for Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification. In his spare time he enjoys canoeing, fishing, spending time with his son, and is an active member of a sailboat racing team for the last 20 years.




Georges Brun

Concerned with water quality, Brun was one of the founding members of the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance in 1996. Georges Brun is passionate about, and knows quite a bit about the Petitcodiac River. He is dedicated to observing and documenting the river as well as any activity taking place around it, in order to deter potential polluters and make sure the river’s health continues to improve. Georges is also an outdoor enthusiast, avid photographer, and studied water management. He remains to this day one of river’s most adamant defenders.



Jim Sinclair

Jim is retired from a career as an accountant.  Early on, he worked for Scotiabank in Calgary and for Canada Permanent Trust in Dartmouth.  In 1982, he moved to Saint John where he worked for 7 years as an auditor.  In 1989, he came to Moncton where he began a 28 year stint as a corporate controller.  During his time in Moncton he has served on the boards of the Moncton Fish and Game Association, the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation where he is still active, the Jonathan Creek Committee and, since 1999, the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance.

Jim enjoys fly fishing, golfing, downhill skiing and, in the spring of the year, making maple syrup.




Dr. Alyre Chiasson

Dr. Alyre Chiasson is a professor in the Biology Department at the Université de Moncton. He is one of the founding members of PWA . He is the chair of the government of New Brunswick’s scientific committee for protected spaces in the province, chair of the Irishtown Nature Park Committee, member and past president of the Biology Committee of Science Atlantic, members of the Board of Directors of the Fundy Model Forest and member of the New Brunswick’s Environmental Network’s committee for aquatic biodiversity. When not in the office or at meetings you can find him walking or backpacking in New Brunswick or our neighbouring provinces.



Michael Cybulski

Michael has for many years volunteered with various organizations local to southeastern New Brunswick, as well as those who work on the National level. His combined love of the outdoors and his keen interest in waterways has led him to support our organization, eventuallly becoming a member of our Board of Directors. He remembers what the “bore” once was, and can only imagine how beautiful the river was prior to the building of the causeway.
He has watched with interest as the tidal bore and the Petitcodiac River ecosystem have slowly been returning to their former glory, thanks to research and hard work put forth from various local interest groups. This makes him proud to be a Board member of the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance. It is a goal of his to see the return of Atlantic Salmon to the Petitcodiac River and its tributaries on an annual basis.

“Hopefully one day we can count on the fish returning as much as we can count on seeing the “Bore” — twice a day, everyday”.



Charlie LeBlanc

Husband, father of two and soon to be grandfather of 4 beautiful humans.
Education: life and common-sense.
Hunter, angler, archer,sport shooter, fly-tier and inherent conservationist.

Charlie is currently president of the NB Wildlife Federation for the past three years, Director of the Canadian Wildlife Federation for the past 10 yrs, a lifetime-member of the Moncton Fish and Game association, a member of the Federal Hunting and Angling Advisory Commitee for three years. He was formerly president of the PWA for 6 years, and has participated in Federal workshops dealing with changes to the Fisheries Act and invasive species.




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